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Are you suffered with untold problems?
Thousands of people financially and mentally benefitted by divine blessing and grace from 'Ananda Dwaraka's Instant Prayer'.
Submit your problems and get benefitted from powerful sannidhanam 'Ananda Dwaraka'.


Swamiji namaskar - I am writing to let you know that I am now enjoying my fruitful life, business with success. You have made my dream come true. I always thankful to you and need blessing.

- Raja Annamalai, Delhi.

"I was in lot of financial problems when I met Swamiji, an employee of a small company and he tell Arulvakku that I will have my own business which I had not even dreamt of that day. When I reflect that today after 2 years, I cannot help smiling to myself the fact that I run my own Company with more than 10 employees. We do not know what is in store for us unless we meet people like Ramanswamiji."

- Rajasekar, Coimbatore.

Contact Details

Pujya Sri Raman Swamiji
"Ananda Dwaraka"
Near Perumal Temple,
Chinna Thirupathi,
Salem-636008. Tamil Nadu, India.


092451-37161, 094432-37536


Divine solution for: Love
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I like to submit my problems to Ananda Dwaraka for instant parayer miracle
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Great Divine Master Raman Swamiji has performed many miracles. These are based on yoga siddhi and the shastras. There is no fraud or trickery at all. These miracles were performed only to show the greatness of God and the wonderful powers that one can attain with His grace. This does not make Guruji Raman Swamiji or other great persons like Shri Shrdi Sai baba are equivalent to God. All miracles listed on the website are personal experiences based on their true faith, trust and belief on Sri Raman Swamiji and God. Many have been devotees of Shri Raman Swamiji for few years, Few Months, Few Decades or even Days. The experience of each person may vary with the grace of god and Raman Swamiji on their Soul and their Karma they have done. Even tough problems faced in life may be totally unstoppable due to one's past life deeds and current life's deeds (their karma); Guruji Raman Swamiji certainly guides the souls by reducing their sorrow and pain. Experiences listed on the website are truly personal to the people who have elected to post it and webmaster of the site will be in no way held accountable for their views. Meterials concerned this website related to various topics are true and genien.